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COVID-19 delays... almost over!

Jan 3rd -5th - We went viral.  January 6th we ordered 9000 more Legi Liners and paid in full. These were due at the end of February.  Then...coronavirus.

The supply chain was interrupted by the COVID-19 virus and factories all over the earth shut down. The parts were scarce and yet our orders continued to pour in.  We ordered another batch of Legi Liners which we were told wouldn't come in until April or May.    

During this time of waiting for the Legi Liners to be manufactured again, we started to contact customers - our email system had limits - 150 emails per day. That was going to take at least 2 weeks and some of our customers only ordered with a phone number or as a guest - no emails.  Some we texted (one by one for privacy reasons.  We had a 3000 Amazon customers to reach.  As per Amazon rules, we had to contact all customers also one by one (no mass emails).  Some we were able to reach and they cancelled their order and reordered on our website (which allows us to hold orders), but 2050 orders on Amazon were going to automatically cancel after 30 days.  Other Amazon customers just wanted to be notified when we are up on Amazon again, but we cannot communicate email addresses through their system.  

As we attempted to reach everyone, we were hit with fines and penalties to our Amazon seller account health.  Customers were getting mad, some even accusing us of fraud, contacting banks and online payment sources to cancel orders and demand refunds.  Many, so many of you are patiently waiting, but some are still getting frustrated for the delay. WE feel your pain!

WE LOVE THIS PRODUCT and we want you to be able to use it with your students.  We KNOW you will love it too!  We have spent countless hours looking for new manufacturers, contacting industrial design companies to re-do our stamp and trying to out source our parts from other countries. We are NOW BACK IN PRODUCTION and are also working on relationships that will allow us to keep up with the demand! 

Currently we have been told that our first batch of Legi Liners will be ready at the end of March and will be shipped to us.  Once we have a tracking number, we will start to print your labels and as soon as we receive our liners, we have personnel in place to package and ship them out to you right away!  Our next batch is due in at the end of April and those will go back up on our Amazon store. 

Please know that we are doing our best to contact our customers within the limitations of system and without overwhelming you and we are trying to answer every email, FB post, FB instant message, FB page inbox messages, Instagram comment, Instagram messages and phone calls to help keep you informed.  

We do appreciate all the support and understanding during our initial growth phase.  Your patience will be rewarded.  In your packages, look for a special offer only available to those who will find out it was "WORTHTHEWAIT" !!   Polly 


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