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Fall Leaves

H is for Hat

T is for TREE



OCT 5th


World Food Day


Witches Brew


Pumpkin Pie




September 7th: Billboard

September 14th  MiniGolf


Sept 21st Pancakes


Sept 28th, Veggies





8/3/22 Back to school objects

8/10/22 Elephant Day

8/17/22 Cube

8/24/22 Circle Sphere

8/31/22 Apple



7/6/22 Life Jacket

7/13/22 Swan Float

7/21/22 Lighthouse

7/27/22 Snorkel





6/3/22: National Donut Day

6/8/22: Cupcakes

6/15/22 Watermelon

6/22/22 Blueberries


6/29/22 Delivery Day





5/1/22: May Day 

5/6/22: Nurses Day

Mother's Day Card Packet

May Flowers

 5/26/22: National Sorry Day

5/26/22: Red Nose Day






Easter: Happy Easter!  This download contains two Easter Worksheets!

4/10/22: Encourage a young Writer Day




4/16: Wear your PJ's to Work Day! 




4/22/22: Earth Day



4/29/22: Arbor Day


4/29/22 International Dance Day




Shamrock or Clover

St. Patrick's Day Writing

Purple Day

Feb. 24th, 2022 National Chili Day

February is Black History Month

Feb. 18th is National Battery Day

Valentine's Day Ideas

Candy Heart math


You can make full size cards, mini valentines, print a valentine's gnome, or do a conversation heart activity.  Scroll down to see examples below! 




Super Bowl Sunday


Winter Olympics


Ground Hog Day


Snow Crystals

Write about snow or count the crystals.  Paint and cut it out for extra credit!


Happy New Year

Make a list of resolutions and decorate the star, OR

trace the letters and make a list of words from the letters in Happy New Year!


Decorate the Cookies

12/8/21: Holiday Lists

Christmas List

Hanukkah List



Decorate the Holiday Tree

11/22/21: Thanksgiving place cards, nametags, food label tent cards or conversation cards


I'm Thankful

Bonus: Kindness Cypher
World Kindness Day Nov. 13th
National Sandwich Day
Halloween Cypher Code

10/20/21 Reptile Awareness Day


10/13/21 National Dessert Day is 10/14 and Global Handwashing Day is 10/15


Do Something Nice Day

9/29/21 International PodCast Day
9/22/21 First Day of Fall
9/15/21 International Talk Like a Pirate Day is Sept. 19th! 

9/8/21 Grandparent's Day is Sept. 12th! Five full pages to make your own cards. Draw LegiLines, write, color and fold or cut and glue onto construction paper to make them larger. 

Lots of fun for all.  Great for mentor's too! 

9/1/21 Make a comic strip of back to school jokes!  3 sheets for 3 levels of fun! 
8/25/21 Women's Equality Day 
8/18/21 National Lemonade Day
8/11/21 Back to School Goals
8/4/21 International Cat Day
7/28/21 Tokyo Olympics
7/21/21 Celebrate with Balloons!
7/14/21 We scream for Neopolitan Ice Cream!
7/7/21 Summer Flip Flop Fun and Swim trunks!
6/30/21 National Postal Worker Day - Thank your postman anytime! 
6/23/21 Take your dog to work! 
6/16/21 You Rule!
6/9/21: Best Friends 

6/2/21: National Donut Day!  Get ready for National Donut Day on Friday 6/4/21!  One worksheet, draw any size LegiLines!


Graphic Organizer: Click here to go to graphic organizer worksheet     

 Worksheet Wednesday

1/6/2021: FREE Visual Perception Pattern Fun



Make it Monday    

1/11/2021: Ice skate pattern  

Worksheet Wednesday

1/13/21: Ice Skate Story


Worksheet Wednesday

1/20/21: Penguins! 

1/27/2021: GNOME wasn't built in a Day!!  This week we have 3 worksheets!  You can draw Legi Lines on the beard and/ or on the side of the paper!  No color printer, no problem!   Print in gray scale and color with crayons.  Or, add construction paper to make the hat and nose.   Cut out the gnome and glue on craft paper for extra color or to make Valentine cards.  Enjoy!

-Valentine Gnome (C)

-Green Gnome (L) 

-Blue Gnome (R)

3/8" dashed LegiLiner   $15

1/8" Mini Legi Liner       $10

 Legi Number Line        $15



2/2/21 Groundhog Day


2/3/21 Worksheet Wed: BEE my Valentine! 

2/10/21 Worksheet Wed.  

Here's a conversation starter: Conversation Hearts

2/15-2/17/21 Glow Snow Ghosts!

Make it Monday, Try it Tuesday, AND Worksheet Wed. 

2/24/21 National Chili Day
3/1/21 National Peanut Butter Day worksheet download link
3/2/21 Dr. Suess Birthday
3/3/21 Luck of the Draw - memory game, math, writing, coloring.
3/10/21 St. Patrick's Day jokes!
3/14/21 Pi Day!
3/17/21 Rainy rainbow cloud
3/24/21 Flower Pot
3/31/21 National Crayon Day

packet of 3 worksheets


4/3/21   Happy Spring! This is an 18 page worksheet packet!  Print all the pages or only what you need!


4/4/21  Happy Easter!  This download contains two Easter Worksheets!

4/5/21: Be Kind to Everyone!   
4/15/21: Ladybug Label

4/21/21  What's the Buzz? Great for Earth Day 4/22/21

Can you tie your story into the earth day theme?

4/29/30 Kentucky Derby - A two page bonus for you!

Official KY Derby coloring pages here:

5/5/21 Cinco De Mayo National Teacher's Day

5/12/21 Indianapolis 500  
5/19/21 Summer Bucket List


10 Frame Fun Level 1

10 Frame Fun Level 2





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