Introducing the Music Staff Legi Liner!

Legi Liners are rolling ink stamps that print handwriting lines in just a few seconds. Created by Polly Benson, these Patent-Pending products were originally created because she constantly seeks innovative ways to make her job as an occupational therapist more efficient and thorough.

The product was getting attention over the past year through active Facebook posts in which Benson would demonstrate how the product works through using her classroom examples. In January 2020, her flashy demo video was shared on a highly-popular classroom page on Facebook and sales began to take flight. through the power of social media, news of this product spread all around the
Benson filled the orders as quickly as she could, asking family and friends to help create labels, package the Legi Liners, and communicate with the customers to give them live updates. Eventually they ran out of stock, but luckily the customers were already hooked and agreed to patiently wait for their products!

Benson wasted no time and even released a brand new design – a musical staff of five solid lines. Benson also offers many discount deals when customers purchase more than one Legi Liner. Start your Legi Liner collection today and find out just how easy and fun these products can be for you or your students!


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