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Legi Liner Ambassadors

We have some BIG Legi Liner news to share with you!

Over the past month, we have developed a brand new Legi Liner Ambassador program to help spread the word of our cool handwriting tools. This group of teachers, Occupational Therapists, parents, and educators have the exclusive opportunity to preview new products as we hear their thoughts of what will work best to help YOU out in your schools. These are people who believe in the product, our goals, and want to get a Legi Liner in the hands of as many people possible!

Two of our Ambassadors weighed in with their experience using Legi Liners so far. Miranda Toutenhoofd (OTR/L, School-Based Therapist) has had the opportunity to use her Legi Liner in her school since September 2019.

“The main reason that I purchased Legi Liner is to save myself prep time and make my job easier,” Toutenhoofd remarked. As an OT, Tootenhoofd says her Legi Liner saves her valuable time by creating a simpler way to adapt and modify worksheets for her students. Since she brought her Legi Liner to her elementary school back in September, there has been a buzz created throughout the teachers in the building. “Having a teacher feel like they can take ownership of creating adaptations/modifications for a student in their busy schedules empowers them and is priceless.”

Toutenhoofd frequently uses her Legi Liner with students with Autism. Before this product, she remarked there would be a lot of frustration and meltdowns caused by waiting for modifications or having to redo work because it was illegible. “When the Legi Liner was in use, the student got instant guidance to complete a writing task, significantly reducing the wait time and providing clear visual boundaries for letter sizing and anchoring,” Toutenhoofd praised. “This small modification alone decreased the frustration which in turn decreased the meltdowns!”

Another Legi Liner Ambassador, Danielle Puhatch (OT for K-6th grade), has been using the  Legi Liner in her schools since November 2019. Through her years as a pediatric OT, she had been copying lines, trying other products, and drawing her own three-lined guides and found it taking so much time for a less-than-perfect outcome.

“Using the Legi Liner has eliminated all of that nonsense,” says Puhatch, regarding the time it takes when stopping an activity to modify the lines. “It has become essential for me to have on my desk or in my OT apron because it is handy, quick to use, quick to dry, line are always the same size. I’m not afraid to send work home with “OT made lines” as the lines are always perfect!”

Puhtach noted positive shifts in her school by leaving a set at the school copier in the copier room for other so use with their students. And it’s not just the fellow teachers that enjoy the use of Legi Liners, Putach’s students love when she makes it a magic trick as she rolls it across the page to make lines.

“My students want to use it themselves,” Puhtach remarks. We often make it into an activity where they have to make the lines for their single words, short phrases or longer sentences. I place a dot in the left & right margins and have them connect the dots with the Legi Liner stamper. They love it.”

While the Ambassadors have such great responses to the use of Legi Liners in their schools, it is vital for others to hear that REAL teachers and REAL occupational therapists are enjoying and relying on their Legi Liners! The purpose of Legi Liners is to help students by helping teachers. We can’t wait for you to see all of the new designs coming soon, so stay tuned for BRAND NEW DESIGNS coming soon! 

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