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Legi Number Line - A Versatile Stamp for Every Activity!

 Back in September, during a LegiLiner Ambassador meeting, the Ambassadors were brainstorming new ideas for LegiLiner patterns and one of them suggested a number line. This line with tick marks was rolled out just three months later and now it is ready to be stuffed in your stockings for this Christmas season!

We unanimously agreed that a number line was the perfect addition to the Legi-family and the Ambassadors have been SO creative in using the product! From timelines to charts, pattern practice and days-of-the-week, crafts and this-or-that lists, the Legi Number Line is such a versatile tool! The older kids can use Legi Number Line for fine letter spacing, algebraic lines, and fractions as well.

Since we know how time consuming it is to find your ruler and measure out the perfectly spaced tick marks for any activity, the Legi Number Line has made it  so much easier (and more reliable) to draw longer marks with less time!

How many times have you drawn this line? 


Finally, a self-inking, rolling stamp to draw a number line! Quickly draw tick marks for math or history.   What a time saver!
Use for

*Missing numbers
*Negative numbers

Kindergarten through high school, this one is sure to make class easier!

Get your Legi Number Line today!

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  • 1) How long do these last? (How many paper-width lines can you draw before it runs dry? Does the ink dry up in a year or two regardless of use?)
    2) How far apart are the tic marks on the number line? Does the number line smoothly roll around, or is there a gap or an unevenly spaced spot?
    3) Is the ink refillable? Can you change the color of the ink?
    Thank you!

    Tania Galloway

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