My Story

I am an Occupational Therapist and I work on handwriting with students of all ages and abilities. Students need to carry over their handwriting practice in the classroom. Teachers find it time consuming to draw handwriting lines and loose handwriting papers are easily lost.

🎯 Imagine you are working on a craft with a child and they need to write a title, their name or sentences about their picture.  They worked so hard cutting, gluing and coloring.  Then, they mess it all up with their cute little handwriting errors.  Now, imagine using the Legi Liner to quickly draw handwriting lines on those crafts, worksheets and workbook pages.  Their writing is so much nicer and they have work they can be proud of. Now who can argue with success like that? 😊

🎯 You know what's stinky about regular classroom workbooks and worksheets? They have such small boxes for the kids to try to write their answers.  Who can get all those words straight and neat with no guidelines? What fun is trying to draw lines to help them? We'll answer that: NO FUN AT ALL! You know what is fun? Using the Legi Liner to quickly draw handwriting lines on those workbook pages.  Now you can actually read and decipher what they are trying to answer.  Who cares if the answer is wrong?  At least you can read it better!  😊

🎯 There is a person who is the hero of every school by helping out in the classrooms.  We know this person that has to help the children get their answers on a page so the teachers can read it.  Wouldn’t it be great for that person to do their job faster by using a Legi Liner on worksheets and in workbooks?  Maybe you are that hero or teacher?  No more lost extraneous adaptive lined papers that get separated from the worksheet or stuffed into no-man’s land in the bottom of the back pack.  No more rulers to make straight lines.  It's finally our turn and technology has smiled upon us, giving us a tool that is destined to impress.

Legi Liner is a brain child of my laziness and allows you to quickly draw lines for practice to help improve letter size and placement for more legible writing.  Thank you for taking a look at my invention!  Polly Benson, OTR/L