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Refillable Ink!

Did you know that the RED, YELLOW, and BLUE LegiLiners are refillable?
This is the best news because who wants to buy a product that will run out of ink and then be useless?…no one! Our partners at ExcelMark have an official ink refill for LegiLiners, and they make it so easy!
1. Cut the top of the ink capsule
2. Fill in the entire capsule on the right side of the stamp
3. Let the ink sit for 2-3 minutes before use
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!
The benefit of having a rolling stamp is you can use it so many times and don’t have to stop in between each use to roll your stamp on an ink pad. As an OT, I love finding ways to help fellow OTs, teachers, and parents save money.
Click on this link to order your refillable ink capsule set from ExcelMark now:   Only $7.99 for 3 refills. 

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  • Can I refill a black Legiliner? If so, how do I get the ink into it? Thank you!

    Lisa Morris

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