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Thankful for Our Community

This year, as more and more businesses turn to virtual platforms, we have worked to build a community on Facebook as well. The "Legi Liner Community: Resources and ideas for handwriting help" is a public group that was created in May 2020. Almost six months later and we have over 470 who have joined the group! 

The group was intended to create a space in which occupational therapists and teachers can share ideas with each other about handwriting, virtual learning tips, and anything else in that realm. LegiLiner shares exclusive resources and worksheets as well as new tips to incorporate LegiLiners into your virtual learning. If you have been keeping up with our Worksheet Wednesday social media posts, this is where you can find the links to the actual worksheets that are used for these specific posts.

The LegiLiner Ambassadors, who span from various states in the US all the way to the UK, are also involved in this group. They will offer essential insight from their districts across the country and engage with teachers and OTs in their respective areas as well.

If you want to be a part of a helpful community like this and have some unique suggestions and ideas, then this group is for you! The LegiLiner Community page is always open, so don't be afraid to request to join! We'd love to have you :) 


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