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Thankful for Our Partners

LegiLiner started over a year ago and whether you’ve been a fan from the start, or were just introduced in the past few months, it might be time for new ink. Luckily many of our LegiLiners are refillable! Thanks to our partner, ExcelMark, we have an official LegiLiner ink refill available for you!

Aside from just providing ink refills for our customers, ExelMark has helped me in many ways this year.  ExcelMark has partnered with us to find more efficient methods of shipping and delivery across the world. ExcelMark has helped us to provide LegiLiners on as a more affordable way for educators in the UK to purchase a LegiLiner for their classroom. Now, we are able to offer two versions of the LegiLiner on Amazon UK – the red ¾” and the yellow ½” LegiLiners, except in the UK, they are 19mm and 12.5mm.

More recently, my partners at ExcelMark are working with me to bring you a brand new product – the ½” Double Stacked LegiLiner! This design will roll out two rows of ½” dashed lines, similar to using two of the Yellow ½” LegiLiners now. Stacking the rollers into one stamp will help to create consistent lines and keep everything straighter on the page as well.

I am so thankful for the partnership with ExcelMark and can’t wait to continue developing more products with them for teachers, occupational therapists, and parents just like you!


Links are provided below for ExcelMark’s offerings with LegiLiner.

Ink Refills:

UK Amazon:

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