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Thankful for Our Ambassadors

There are so many people that help to make LegiLiner possible. From a singular school-based OT’s idea to create more efficient methods in the classroom, LegiLiner has expanded all throughout the country and even internationally in just over a year! Having the opportunity to share my helpful handwriting tool with so many occupational therapists, teachers, special education teachers, and parents has been a challenging blessing. A key factor in spreading the word of LegiLiners is the hard-working LegiLiner Ambassadors.

We created the LegiLiner Ambassador program in April 2020, during a time in which community, even though virtual, was vital. The program began by a few expressing interest in selling LegiLiners in their schools and a few others asking us through social media if we had an ambassador program already established. Since the desire and need was there, we accepted a few OTs and teachers for a “trial run” of the ambassador affiliate program. The program has expanded across the United States, from California to New York, and there is even an Ambassador teaching in England, UK!

A majority of the Ambassadors that started in April have continued with the program to this date. Seeing the Ambassador program grow from the very beginning has created a close-knit group. The Ambassadors now rely on one another much like their own co-workers by sharing virtual teaching ideas and discovering new ways to incorporate LegiLiners into their activities.

The Ambassadors and I meet once a month to share updates within our own districts, explain how we have utilized LegiLiners in innovative ways, and for me to keep them up-to-date with the newest production developments. The Ambassadors have been a key backbone in some of the most recent designs, like LegiBoxes, LegiSpaces, and the LegiNumber Line (coming soon). It is vital for me to hear what the needs are in schools outside of my own so that I am able to continue making a difference for other OTs and teachers, wherever they may be!

I cannot express my gratitude for the group of Ambassadors enough. You all have encouraged me, given me brilliant new ideas, collaborated with me, and made me laugh by getting to know all of you! I am so blessed to have this group in my corner.

Polly Benson, OTR/L

Inventor LegiLiner


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