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The Newest Members of the Legi Collection:

This fall we introduced many brand new LegiLiners to our collection, including LegiBoxes and LegiSpaces! We've heard such great feedback over the past few weeks from OTs, teachers, and parents who have tried these new products.

 LegiBoxes is a rolling ink stamp to quickly draw boxes for writing, math or OT.  Each box is 3/4" tall and the pattern is 2 boxes tall. Roll out boxes to practice capital letters, numbers, symbols or Chinese characters. Practice counting, patterns or make a 10 square frame. Turn it vertically to align long addition/ subtraction/ multiplication. Finally, have some fine motor fun with stickers, buttons, ladder walks, coloring, cutting or stamping.  Its all up to your imagination! 


 LegiSpaces is a 1" tall dashed line handwriting stamp for beginner writers to help properly teach how to space letters when writing words! Great for special needs or PreK/Kindergarten writers. Draw out a long line and fill in the spaces with letters or numbers. Demonstrate how to skip a space between words. It has multiple uses! Turn it upside down and draw a long handwriting line that is 1" tall and a solid baseline.


Both new rollers can be used for numerous activities and we can't wait to hear about how your creativity has taken over! Some of our LegiLiner Ambassadors have found that using the LegiBoxes for math and pattern practice have helped their students with alignment and with repetition. We want to hear how YOU are using your LegiSpaces and LegiBoxes! 


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  • I love that you have HWT lines and boxes! I just need them bigger for my kinder students who have fine motor issues and need bigger boxes and wider lines. They just aren’t ready for the narrow double lines or small boxes. Would you make larger rollers in either product? Maybe instead of double boxes, you could have a single box but much larger.


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