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See our newest members of our LegiLiner family!

We've added many new designs and patterns to the LegiLiner family this year! With the addition of the Worm Line, Dotted Thirds, and the Double Stack, LegiLiners are becoming more and more versatile! From listening to our loyal customers, to creating and drafting new designs with our LegiLiner Ambassadors who are IN the schools daily, LegiLiner has something for each level and each need!

Meet the Newbies:

Worm Line:

With the Worm Line, you can quickly draw handwriting lines with an extra baseline for those descending letters! Similar to the "Fundations" program, you can roll out four ink lines for handwriting practice that allow for a child to know where to visually place the lower part of the descending letters.  



Dotted Thirds:

 The Dotted Thirds was a suggestion from our UK and Australia customers to follow their guidelines of handwriting teachings! With the Dotted Thirds GREEN LegiLiner, (two solid lines surrounding two dotted lines) now you can quickly draw 18mm dotted thirds handwriting lines for extra handwriting practice! This product has been proven to be excellent for year 1 or year 2!  


Double Stack:

WOW! We've heard many of you saying how you wished it was easier to draw straighter lines with your LegiLiners, well here's the solution! Two half inch lines stacked on top of each other make creating lines for a paragraph simple and clean! Run a stroke along a ruler on its side for even straighter lines! We love this new option!!

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